All About SoulStars – A Fundraising Gala for Ovarian Cancer Canada

On January 31st, 2020, we hosted the SoulStars Gala in support of Ovarian Cancer Canada. Taking place at the beautiful Plaza Antique in the Olympia Hall, a gathering of 200 people came to support those affected with the disease. A night of celebration, we were proud to host such a memorable evening!

Below, our principle planner, Veronica Tamburro shares her inspiration behind the gala.

The Soulstars Gala has been an event that has been in the making for some time now. After the passing of my grandmother – Antonia Petrecca Niro – my family and I have been committed to helping raise awareness about ovarian cancer in honour of my Nonna’s legacy and memory. 

Even though her symptoms were typical to the disease – bloating, loss of appetite, pelvic and abdominal pain and urinary and bowel symptoms – none of us were thinking it was cancer because the symptoms were vague and often common in women. Later, I learnt that symptoms of ovarian cancer may not occur until the later stages, and since there is no screening of ovarian cancer, women must take their symptoms seriously. 

My grandmother was determined to give it her best shot. She survived 57 chemo treatments, and throughout, her faith and determination never wavered. She was present, she chose every day not to give up and she honoured and trusted herself despite the challenges. She taught me the importance of community and treating people with kindness and respect above all. 

Looking back on the gala, we reached our goal of raising over a thousand dollars, however we have decided to keep our fundraising page open and invite you to contribute towards this important cause. 

Thank you to the members of SoulStation Orchestra for your support and for the countless hours you put in to bringing this vision to life – it was absolutely an amazing evening filled with live entertainment. 

Thank you to my family for your help in organizing the SoulStars Gala – to my uncle Frank who made us the drum shield, my dad, sister, brother-in-law and mom who helped Dan and I every step of the way. 

We hope to celebrate life’s memorable moments with you once again. Until then, we have the beautiful memories from this year’s SoulStars Gala to hold onto! 

Date: January 31st, 2020

Location: Plaza Antique, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Dresses by: PromGirl

Suits by: Club Uomo

MUA by: Makeup by Mary K

Hair by: Christina Mobile Hair Stylist

Neon sign by: Something Neon

Moon backdrop featured in Strings’ video available for rental 

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