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Elevate your event with The Strings

Early this fall, SoulStation Orchestra partnered with Live City Media and Chapel Charm to bring you a very special glimpse at The Strings, featuring lead vocalists Rosemary La Posta, Lauriane Pothier and Veronica Tamburro.

When asked about the vision behind the video, SoulStation Orchestra co-owner and musician Veronica Tamburro explained, “All that is missing in this video is you, the viewer.”

We want to give our clients a sense of what can be expected from our group of dedicated and professional musicians and leave you wanting more…”

Top musicianship, with an extensive repertoire 

The Strings is a professionally trained group of musicians, made up of violin, viola, cello and double bass. 


With a repertoire of over 300 songs, they can perform anything, from classical to pop and everything in between.


“Each of our musicians has over 20 years of experience studying and performing. But what sets us apart is our absolute love of music,” adds Veronica, who is also a classically trained vocalist and violinist.

“Our passion is palpable, you can hear it in our sound and feel it in every aspect of our performance; every detail counts.”

Distinguish your event with a fully customizable experience 

“It is our pleasure to work with clients to create an immersive, customizable and truly unique musical experience,” says Daniel Di Cintio, SoulStation Orchestra’s co-owner and musician.


The Strings can be adapted to any event, whether an intimate party, cultural celebration, wedding ceremony or religious service. 


The Strings are available in different formations, either as a trio, quartet or quintet. 

A personalized musical programme featuring arrangements created by our experienced composers will set your event apart. 

SoulStation Orchestra also offers vocal performances to complement The Strings. 

“Clients can make special requests for certain songs to be performed by our pop, jazz or classical vocalists,” adds Daniel. “This is a great option for those who truly want to distinguish their events and heighten the overall experience and enjoyment of their guests.” 

Finally, SoulStation Orchestra offers a selection of “looks” to choose from, ensuring that TheStrings fits seamlessly with your event’s theme. 

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Song credits

Wildest Dreams, arranged by Allison Gillies

Halo, arranged by Camille Frappier-Fortin

Bittersweet Symphony, arranged by Todd Parrish

Ave Maria, arranged by Camille Frappier-Fortin

Here Comes the Sun, arranged by Kathryn Griesinger

Latch, arranged by Camille Frappier-Fortin

Special thanks

Article by: Vanessa Tamburro



Erika Castillo, violin

Daniel Di Cintio, double bass

Camillie Frappier-Fortin, cello

Rosemary La Posta, voice 

Lauriane Pothier, voice 

Samuel Pronovost, violin, viola

Veronica Tamburro, violin, voice


Videography: Live City Media

Location: Chapel Charm

Hair and Makeup:  Hair by Dre
Makeup by MaryK

Production:  Vanessa Tamburro  Veronica Tamburro

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