Our Journey – The Story of SoulStation Orchestra

We met in 2015. Looking back, we couldn’t have imagined then how far we would come – both personally and professionally.

The day it all began…  

Of course, it happened at a gig, no less. I was part of a string-trio concert at Paroisse Saint-Leonard when Dan came to watch a friend perform.

“It was love at first sight! I was so nervous to talk to him that all I could muster up as an opener was ‘I like your socks’!”

After the concert ended, we stood outside talking… and talking… We moved our conversation to the well-known Saint-Leonard hang-out up the street, Milanos, and stayed for hours.

Finally, Dan offered me a ride home. While Motown played on the radio, we discussed our love of music and discovered that we both performed at weddings and other events.

As our love grew, so did SoulStation Orchestra

After our first gig together, we realized we worked well together and decided to merge our mutual interests. We never looked back. 

We quickly learned to play on our strengths and each of us focused on different aspects of the business. 

Dan took care of contracts, meeting couples, managing the Ultra Lounge Band and Showband and playing base. 

I took care of our website, social media and marketing, managing the Strings, playing violin and singing classical voice.

Just as we are invested in our personal relationship and strengthening it over the years, we are driven to see our company grow. This nurturing approach is definitely one of the secrets to our success.

The power of music 

Above all else, we love love. We are two romantic souls that adore using our talents and passion for music to bring joy to couples and their guests on what is arguably one of the happiest days of their lives. 

Music brought us together and our wish for all our couples is that they trust us to use the power of music to inspire and highlight each and every one of their unique love stories in the most fun, elegant and entertaining way! 

Happy Valentine’s day to all our previous – and future – SoulStation couples! Thank you for choosing us to celebrate your love! 


Veronica and Daniel

Article by: Vanessa Tamburro

Photos by: VCM Photography

Car: 1971 Buick Centurion 

Clothing (Veronica): Ted Baker, Soludos, Vero Moda

Clothing (Daniel): Tristan Style, Fossil

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