Our Musicians’ Journey: The Singers

Although they had different journeys, their voices brought them together. Read below how our singers Lauriane, Sergio and Rosemary became the musicians they are today:

Lauriane Pothier

J’ai toujours été attirée par le chant, mais ma grande timidité m’a longtemps fait croire que je ne pourrais jamais chanter devant des gens. Au secondaire, j’ai pris mon courage à deux mains et je suis allée passer l’audition pour faire partie de la troupe de comédie-musicale de l’école. 

Non seulement j’ai été retenue, mais j’ai aussi répété l’expérience durant quatre ans et eu la chance de tenir des rôles principaux. C’est grâce à cette activité parascolaire que j’ai pris confiance en mes capacités et décidé de poursuivre mes études en chant.

Même si ce n’est pas toujours évident, je continue d’exercer ce métier car c’est ma plus grande passion, et je suis fière d’avoir réalisé ce rêve.

Sergio Spiezia

Starting off my musical journey as a guitar, I always sang back-ups in bands I was playing for. Then in 2006, I received a call from a drummer that I knew in passing and asked if I’d be interested in singing lead. He booked a gig but really didn’t have a band. So in 2 weeks, the band leaned 20 songs and performed at the event to rave reviews! And the rest is history as they say.

I now sing for 2 of my own bands and perform with SoulStation, but was also the lead singer for Montreal’s premier Santana tribute band, “Persuasion” for five years. 

I love singing and love playing guitar. Just being on a stage and connecting with people through the love of music is just an amazing thing to experience and its something I just can’t get enough of.

There is also something magical about sharing the stage with musicians and  singers and without even saying a word to one another, being in perfect rhythm and in sync to each other’s energy.

Rosemary La Posta

What inspired me to start singing was the movie ‘A Walk to Remember’ with Mandy Moore – specifically the scene when she did a solo in a satin blue dress.

 That scene totally pushed me to sing despite my incredible shyness and stage freight.  Then in high school, applying to college, music just felt like a calling. I had no question in my mind it was what I needed to do, and apply for.

Check out Rosemary, Sergio and Lauriane’s amazing skills below!

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