The Ultra Lounge & The AP Gala

On March 23rd, 2019, The Ultra Lounge was proud to provide the musical entertainment during the cocktail portion of the Antony Proteau Gala. It was a lively and successful evening raising money for the Hope and Cope’s Cancer Fight Club Program of the Jewish General Hospital. 

The sold out event was so much fun! But the most important part of the evening was celebrating the life of Antony Proteau. With the help of all the sponsors, attendees and the work of the Gala Organizers, proceeds from the 6th edition of the Antony Proteau Fund Gala brought in a total of $90 000!

Since 2012, the AP Fund has raised over $620 000 in support of the CancerFightClub through their galas and ball hockey tournaments. The Ultra Lounge has been proud to provide the music for the cocktail since 2017. 

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